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I am so delighted to have your curiosity and to be able to provide you with a strong resource for learning how to live your deepest values at home, work, and in your community through communication that works. So many of us experience struggle and suffering in life that stems from communicating in ways that do not connect with care and respect, ways that contribute to conflict, frustration, inefficiency and separation. Most were simply never taught how to relate in more satisfying ways. I am here to help you skillfully step out of that struggle. You may also be longing to experience a deeper fulfillment of the potential of human interaction and relationship. I look forward to supporting you in that endeavor as well. You can truly have relationships that are based on honesty, care, respect and careful listening. You have come to the right place to learn how.

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Family NVC Survey! Please share your input now for Sept. 14 event.

Relationships: Clear. Empowered. Together. Short video here.

The skills of Nonviolent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication, will assist you in dealing with major blocks to communication such as demands, judgments, defensiveness, blame, and lack of listening skill. In CommunicationWorks trainings you will learn to express your thoughts and feelings without attacking. This will help minimize the likelihood of facing defensive reactions in others. The skills will help you express honestly and make clear requests. You will learn how to receive critical and hostile messages without taking them personally, giving in, or losing self-esteem. These skills will be useful with your family, friends, students, employees, supervisors, co-workers and clients. You will have the ability to navigate your own internal dialogues so you have more clarity and peace. This will empower you to make good choices in the ways you relate.

I look forward to supporting you, your organization, your family or partnership in living and speaking in alignment with your core values and highest vision.


Kathy Ziola

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NVC has changed my life. NVC has transformed me from the inside out. Every human interaction I have now is different for me because of NVC. I feel different in the world and different in my relationship to myself and my relationship with others. I will study and practice NVC for the rest of my life.
Chris Van Note, P.E., President and Senior Consultant, Van Note International LLC
I enjoyed every session very much. A great opportunity to move into the work in progress. The exploration was good in a small group. Grateful for the opportunity. Willing to do more classes like this. I find it works for me.
Patrice, M.D.
Kathy’s Non-Violent Communication workshop offers a new way to think about communicating. The approach is thoughtful, do-able and repeatable, which helps translate it into everyday use. My vocabulary to describe how I feel, the truth of what underlies that feeling, and my ability to consider how the other person feels, is greatly expanded. Kathy’s teaching style, with lots of examples and group interaction, is gentle and methodical, demonstrating exactly what she’s teaching. I recommend Kathy’s NVC workshop to anyone who wants clearer, more productive communication in their personal and professional relationships.
Kim Last – Certified Financial Planner
Marilyn Mullen, MA, NVC Trainer Certification Candidate
After a couple of years of searching high and low for practical support for sharing NVC, including the internet and inquiries at every training I attended, I found Kathy Ziola’s work. Her offerings are the single-most helpful resource I’ve found for leading classes and practice groups.
”Sally, ””