Communicate from the Heart!
“The heart longs to express and be known. At the center of your being are your truest desires. Tapping into this center, living from it and into it, supports the freedom to be you that wants to explode out of your heart and into your world.” Kathy Ziola
How about a heart pause today? I invite you to take several deep breaths right now. Notice the air as it flows in. Notice the expansion of your chest. Notice your heart area. Take your time. Relax and let your attention rest in your heart for a few moments. What is present for you right now? What is your heart full of… or longing for? Just allow yourself to be in a place of loving attention with what is in your heart right now. Take your time again…..
If you wanted to speak what is in your heart right now, what would you say? What is wanting to be expressed and heard? Could you speak it, even to yourself? Go ahead. Try it.
Allowing what is here to be known by you or by another is the natural movement of authenticity. Often we are not connected to what is here. We may work to keep it neatly tucked away to make life easier in some way. And we eventually begin to feel the constriction of holding back. We yearn to express and be known. What holds you back? I invite you to inquire. Check into what keeps you from more expression? Allow some space for this and notice what is here. Bringing some tender acceptance to yourself now will support transformation.
Come back to the heart and what you are holding as truly precious. Breathe and notice again. I invite you to embrace this with compassion and appreciation.
Speaking from the heart requires connection to the heart. The above is a simple practice that can be used again and again to become more present, heart connected, and open to being authentic.
You can check the calendar page for the next deepening day, July 23, on speaking NVC Naturally. This workshop is for those who have the foundations already and would like to practice and integrate the skills and consciousness more fully. Please join me. Questions? 970-216-8597